Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2745 - Big Question #27

Please cast your vote on this very important matter!

In my opinion, I think some politicians and some voters don't get it. What a surprise, right? Mind you, I am partly in favor of a society where we do not resolve our fractures and differences but instead become even more fractured and different until we each realize that we each represent an entirely different perspective and approach to everything politically-related. At which point, with billions of different political parties, we can finally be forced to realize that yes, we all have to compromise on everything for anything to get done. So dystopia now, utopia tomorrow.

Actually, that'll be my political slogan when I run for president in four years. I found out yesterday that you only need 2,500 signatures to get on the presidential primary ballot in Massachusetts - so incidentally, guess who just got a new item on his bucket list?

LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: The results from last week's question are as follows:

26.9% - Omniscience
25.0% - Flight
11.0% - Invisibility
37.1% - Never feeling tired ever again

Which I guess is not entirely surprising for the ultimate choice, although that second option of omniscience being more popular than flight is bizarre. I can't imagine wanting to know everything - the torture that comes as a side effect of that monkey fist option! Well, to each their own, I suppose.

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